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Computer Networks

  • Spec, install, and support network routers, switches, servers,
    desktop PCs, and laptops.
  • Install and support Microsoft Exchange Server and Outlook client
  • Design and implement sophisticated document retrieval and
    collaboration technologies
    through Microsoft’s premier
    communications systems including MS Office 2007, SharePoint and
    SharePoint Server, and Customer Relations Management (CRM).
  • Protect your servers, workstations, and entire business by placing
    them behind industry-leading firewall and monitoring systems,
    preventing the disruption of business or theft of irreplaceable files.
  • Design, configure, and support remote email and messaging
    utilizing Microsoft’s Windows Mobile, Mobile Messaging
    and Collaboration, and Outlook Web Access technologies.
  • Create and support remote office and SOHO environments to maximize employee productivity.
  • Implement and support advanced remote access technology including wireless communications.
  • Protect you from and prevent the threat of virus infections and productivity-draining SPAM problems.



We’re excited to announce we’ve partnered with CBeyond Communications, the strongest integrated access provider for small business in the United States.

  • Business-grade Voice . . . ensures superior quality of service
    (Cisco powered VoIP network)
  • Business-grade Broadband . . . gives your business speed and reliability
    (Dedicated T-1 connections directly to your office)
  • Business-grade Mobile Service . . . keeps your employees connected wherever they go
    (Nation-wide, all digital mobile services)
  • Business-grade Applications . . . increase your company’s productivity and help market your brand
    (Applications like Email, Voicemail, Web Hosting and more)

Network Administration
Network Administration

Our clients receive the same service level and attention to detail that usually belongs only to larger companies who have in-house IT staff.

Let’s talk about your next IT project . . .

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Desktop Support & Helpdesk
Desktop Support & Helpdesk

The following is a list of a few of the services Genesis Group’s technicians will provide:

  • Computer equipment maintenance
  • Assistance with software, including:
  • Installation
  • Upgrades
  • Data transfer/conversion
  • Desktop configuration
  • Installation of security patches
  • Training on PC hardware, applications, and networking processes
  • Antivirus configuration and or removal
  • Equipment upgrades
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Relocation of equipment/cabling
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Network Security
Network Security

Have you considered the fact that someone attempting to do harm or even a disgruntled employee could be trying to hack into your network? If not, you should. It is a crime which more and more small businesses such as yours are experiencing.

Let’s talk about your network security . . .

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Nothing is more important than your company’s communications with customers and vendors.  The fastest servers will not make up for a slow Internet connection.  Voicemails will never be heard if your phone lines are unreliable. Your telecommunications infrastructure is your life-blood!
Let’s talk about your voice and data lines . . .

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Application Development and Support
Application Development and Support

Custom software applications can make the difference between success and failure in your business. If your loosing efficiency and productivity to out of the box software that you have to "work around", then it's time to talk to our expert team of software developers to see if there is a solution that can bring you increased levels of profitability.

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Web Hosting
Application Development and Support

When you need your site available 24 x 7, and you want the quality and customer service provided by Genesis Group, then maybe it's time to rethink who provides your web hosting service.

We offer one of the most advanced and reliable web hosting platforms available designed on the Microsoft Windows 2008 recommended hosting platform.

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