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On-Site & Phone Support

First, our technicians will attempt to provide you with real-time solutions right over
the phone—assistance which is always available and doesn’t require us to come
on-site. For general questions about your workstations, servers or network, our
service team is happy to offer tips, advice and explanations over the phone or by
email. When issues cannot be resolved over the phone, our helpful technicians will
immediately schedule a time convenient for you when they can come to your office
to take care of the issue.

We specialize in resolving issues which for whatever reason are robbing you of the
hours of productivity you require when you are at work. Our network specialists are
highly skilled and constantly keep abreast of industry standards so they can
accurately assess your on-site networking problems and quickly bring resolve. Our
goal is to keep your “down-time” to a minimum. 

The technicians who provide you service are either Microsoft Certified Professionals
(MCP) or MCPs in training. We take pride in knowing and understanding the best
support techniques our industry has to offer. We are constantly training

with our vendors and key suppliers so we can provide you with the core technologies specific to resolving the problem you are experiencing.

For those situations which are not immediately resolvable by our field level support, we have the backing of our in-house engineers and Enterprise Consultants (ie. Microsoft, Cisco, HP, SonicWALL, and DELL) so no matter what the complexity or nature of your problem, we have the appropriate team in place to escalate your issue and work together until there is a resolution!

Remote Support

In our experience, many support issues and ongoing maintenance routines can be performed remotely—without the need to come to our client’s office. By utilizing powerful remote access technologies such as VPN and Remote Helpdesk, Genesis Group can establish virtual lines of communication into your network. These virtual “pipes” will allow us to provide you with the off-site system maintenance your network requires, as well as reduce ongoing support costs which frequent, on-site visits can accumulate.

Routines such as server backups, Active Directory administration, Event Log monitoring, antivirus and SPAM filter management, system updates, application installs and upgrades, and many other support related processes, can often be handled remotely.

That puts our systems in direct contact with your network and computer systems, enabling us to provide a variety of off-site support functions such as new workstation installation, profile migration, Active Directory Administration, Backup Administration, Disaster Recovery, and most anything else that would typically be handled on-site.

Our VPN and/or remote control (Helpdesk) technologies also allow us to assist your employees with training needs, as well as troubleshooting issues they may be having with their environment. You depend on your computer network to provide you with efficient, streamlined business and data processes. Remote support allows us to shorten resolution times, troubleshoot issues immediately as they arise, and get you back up and running at full speed in less time and for less money.

Network Administration
Network Administration

Our clients receive the same service level and attention to detail that usually belongs only to larger companies who have in-house IT staff.

Let’s talk about your next IT project . . .

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Desktop Support & Helpdesk
Desktop Support & Helpdesk

The following is a list of a few of the services Genesis Group’s technicians will provide:

  • Computer equipment maintenance
  • Assistance with software, including:
  • Installation
  • Upgrades
  • Data transfer/conversion
  • Desktop configuration
  • Installation of security patches
  • Training on PC hardware, applications, and networking processes
  • Antivirus configuration and or removal
  • Equipment upgrades
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Relocation of equipment/cabling
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Network Security
Network Security

Have you considered the fact that someone attempting to do harm or even a disgruntled employee could be trying to hack into your network? If not, you should. It is a crime which more and more small businesses such as yours are experiencing.

Let’s talk about your network security . . .

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Nothing is more important than your company’s communications with customers and vendors.  The fastest servers will not make up for a slow Internet connection.  Voicemails will never be heard if your phone lines are unreliable. Your telecommunications infrastructure is your life-blood!
Let’s talk about your voice and data lines . . .

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Application Development and Support
Application Development and Support

Custom software applications can make the difference between success and failure in your business. If your loosing efficiency and productivity to out of the box software that you have to "work around", then it's time to talk to our expert team of software developers to see if there is a solution that can bring you increased levels of profitability.

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Web Hosting
Application Development and Support

When you need your site available 24 x 7, and you want the quality and customer service provided by Genesis Group, then maybe it's time to rethink who provides your web hosting service.

We offer one of the most advanced and reliable web hosting platforms available designed on the Microsoft Windows 2008 recommended hosting platform.

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