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Key Services Genesis Provides (whether as in-house provider or complimentary*):

*Already have an IT Department . . . don’t want to replace an existing staff of skilled “computer guys?” We get it! Sometimes the IT resources needed for a particular project or for a certain season are limited or just stretched thin. That’s where we specialize! We will partner with your existing team of computer staff to supplement the person who’s stressed, or provide that missing asset, without you having to add additional employees or pay for all of the related overhead of bringing on more staff. So, we can be your complete IT provider, or compliment whatever IT department you already have running.

1st – Superior Customer Service

1st - Superior Customer Service

It’s very simple . . . we keep our word! We are on time… we call you back… we stick with our estimates… we don’t bill you for education time… we are personable and friendly… we don’t track on your carpet… we clean up. When there’s time (or when you don’t mind), we even pet the dog, discuss your feelings about your first kid moving away to college, and show you pictures of ours. Why? . . . relationship!

Networks – WAN/LAN/Virtual

Networks - WAN/LAN/Virtual

Genesis does networks… LAN, WAN, WLAN, VPN, and Virtual–whatever your business model requires to be efficient and productive. The question shouldn’t be, “What is the latest or fastest?”, rather it should be, “Which networking technology will help us manage our product and services effectively and grow our customer base?”

Cloud Computing & Office 365

Cloud Computing & Office 365

The Cloud is a general term for hosted services (data storage, applications, media) delivered to you over the Internet. Benefits include; minimal hardware investment, reduced software costs, significantly lower maintenance, increased security, fast installations, mitigated downtime, scalable technology for business growth, and increased efficiency for team collaboration.

Security & Infrastructure

Security & Infrastructure

We mitigate the threats to your computer systems and confidential data, whether from viruses, SPAM, ransomware, phishing, hacking, data leakage, or data theft. Our tools for doing this rely on a sound infrastructure of routers, switches, firewalls, and industry leading server technology. What we install we secure!

VoIP & Wireless

VoIP & Wireless

Genesis was among the first privately owned IT firms in Denver to partner with the industry’s leading VoIP communications companies. Our business office runs on VoIP. We also understand your wireless needs, both for your home and office. We use the most powerful, farthest reaching, yet cost-effective wireless solutions available. Yes, our office uses this wireless!

Desktop & Server Support

Desktop Services & Infrastructure

Genesis will minimize the cost of support by implementing superior technology and design. Cloud computing lends itself to this. Still, computers hang, employees may forget a process, and stuff breaks. When that happens you can 1) submit a ticket, 2) SOS our Help Desk, or 3) call us directly and we’ll be there… now… resolving the issue. We often accomplish this remotely, without a visit, reducing down time and costs. TEAM!

Vendor Acquisition/Manage

Vendor Acquisition-Manage_sm

Genesis can manage the vendors who provide your IT resources so you’re free to be productive with other important assignments. Since we keep abreast of the leading software and hardware technology, we’re experts at handling the complicated conversations with vendors. Then we help you make the best possible choices for your network and employees’ needs. Flexibility, best practice, peace of mind!



You Have Choices . . . in fact so many that at times it’s difficult to know which application would best fit the way you and your employees do business. Genesis will guide you through the alternatives. We listen, we help you define, then make recommendations based on your needs and best practices. We save you BIG dollars in the acquisition those applications through our vendor licensing partnerships. Done!

Website Design

Website Design

Genesis can create or re-create your website. Depending on the platform, we may be able to update or make corrections to your existing site. Often, our clients are unhappy with their current site and do not feel it represents them or their business vision. If that’s you, let’s talk! We have the decades of design expertise to bring your Web presence to life!